Franklin County Jail

Hi there, friends! If you’ve found this website, then you may or may not have “graduated” from Franklin County Jail. Going to jail can be a significant event in a person’s life, and you won’t ever forget it. It can change you in good or bad ways, but It’s all about what you do with your experience. Will you spin it in a positive direction or a negative direction?

My name is Joe (or is it?), and I graduated from Franklin County Jail in 2011, which makes me one of the elevensies.

 I started this website to keep track of fellow jail alums, and find out what they’ve been up to, if they’ve turned their lives in a positive direction, or if they couldn’t leave Franklin County Jail behind. 


I provide updates on those who’ve graduated, and many people who weren’t in my “year” also send in updates—people I don’t even know. I love having one space to share these stories, because attending Franklin County Jail can be a bonding experience.

My Story

To kick off this website, I should include my own story. I was “enrolled” in Franklin County Jail in 2008 for a drug sales charge I pled guilty to. I was living at a buddy’s house in Franklin when police raided the home. Sure, I knew the guy was a dealer, but I wasn’t involved. I didn’t think I could get into trouble for something that I didn’t even do. That’s what happens when you don’t have a good lawyer to advise you.

My public defender told me that I would probably be convicted if my case went to trial, simply because I knew what was going on and didn’t do anything about it. I ended up serving three years of a five-year sentence. Since I got out, I vowed to never be around drugs again. I’ve kept to my word, and I work in construction now. I like my job. It’s good, honest work, and at the end of the day, I sleep like a baby.

Teasers for Next Week’s Share

At the end of each post, I will have a teaser share, just to give you a little taste of the next story. I recently got in touch with Sammy, of the Franklin County Jail, Class of ‘98. He recently got married and is about to get his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

He said he ran into some legal trouble again a few years back. If you want to learn more about Sammy’s story, check back in with us next week.

Franklin County Jail, Class of… What’s your story?