Sammy Files a Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit

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Hi guys! I’m Joe, and I’m back with a new story from Franklin County Jail. Last week I shared a teaser that this week’s share would be about Sammy, who graduated from Franklin County Jail in 1998. Sammy went to jail back in the late nineties for getting one too many DWIs. Luckily, he learned from his mistakes, and after he got out of jail, he never drove intoxicated again.

What Happened to Sammy Recently

However, his reputation has followed him around, and his conviction continues to haunt him to this day. He has shared that a DWI conviction can affect your life long after you “do your time.” 

Sammy went many years without getting into any kind of legal trouble at all. In fact, he went to school and obtained a degree in Psychology, got married, and was living happily before a new incident.

Sammy was in a motorcycle accident, and he was seriously injured. Unfortunately, his story gets worse from there. After his accident, he filed a motorcycle crash lawsuit in order to recover financial compensation for the accident, which he didn’t cause. He is still dealing with this situation.

His lawsuit is against a careless driver who was texting while driving. Sammy knows all too well that bad driving decisions can affect others—something he learned during his time in Franklin County Jail. He feels strongly that the person who was engaging in distracted driving should be punished, at least in civil court, for what they have done to him.

Regrettably, the insurance company for the distracted driver has pointed out Sammy’s history of DWIs. They are trying to use his criminal record against him to suggest that maybe he was responsible for the accident and not their insured driver. 

A Ray of Hope

Don’t worry, guys. Sammy says he is continuing to fight and his lawyer has his back and is protecting his rights. 

However, he wanted others to hear his story. Sammy wants other people to understand that their actions can have lingering consequences. He wants all drivers to remember that they have a duty not to harm others when they get behind the wheel of their vehicles. 

Teasers for Next Week’s Share

Hopefully Sammy gets the justice he’s after for a motorcycle collision he didn’t cause. 

Tune in for next week’s share. I will be sharing Jan’s story of perseverance in the face of great discrimination. Jan graduated from Franklin County Jail, class of 2002. I will just say that Jan is a fierce advocate of civil rights.

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