Jan’s Fight Against Employer Discrimination

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Hi, folks! I’m Joe, and today we are talking about Jan’s story. Jan is a graduate of Franklin County Jail, class of 2002. Jan went to jail because she attended a couple of protests that got a bit on the rowdy side. She may have gotten a little carried away and was charged with assault and disorderly conduct. 

After she did her time, she vowed to never use violence again to solve her problems, but she also vowed to never stop fighting for the things she believes in.

A few years after Jan got out of jail, she was faced with another legal situation, but this time it was a civil matter. Jan was discriminated against because she is a woman.

She was up for a promotion at work, and she learned that she didn’t get the promotion because of her sex. When she learned this, she knew she didn’t have enough evidence to prove it. So, she set out to find the evidence she needed to prove her case. Jan interviewed countless employees of her company, both women and men, to get their take on the matter.

Several gave useful interviews, and one even provided a recording of her employer laughing and joking about how he would never give a woman a job in management. 

How She Got Justice

Once Jan had the proof she needed to win a case against her employer for discrimination, she contacted a South Carolina personal injury lawyer known for handling civil rights cases. Jan and her attorney fought to prove that her boss was discriminating against her and other employees. They won their case and were awarded compensation for everything they suffered.

What to Do if You Are Being Discriminated Against

You should know that there are laws that protect you from employer discrimination. If you believe you are being discriminated against, you might have a case against your employer. Consider contacting a lawyer to discuss your case. No one should ever be discriminated against because of their sex, race, religion, or because they are disabled.

Teaser for Next Week’s Share

Jan won her fight against employer discrimination, and she asked me to share her story so that others would be inspired to fight for their rights. We hope this story inspires you.

Next week, I will be sharing Phil’s story of how he came to decide that his life should be dedicated to helping others. His selflessness is a real inspiration to all of us.

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