How Phil Became a Drug Counselor

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Hello, readers! I’m Joe, and I’m back today with a new share about Phil who graduated from Franklin County Jail, class of 1999. 

Phil was addicted to drugs for many years and was in and out of jail. He was never able to maintain a job for long and lived a tragic life. Somehow, a tiny seed of hope remained in Phil’s soul, and his probation officer could see it in there. She helped Phil to turn his life around. 

Phil’s Tale

It all started when Phil was injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Phil’s probation officer recommended that Phil call a lawyer for help with his injury case. Click here to get an idea of the type of lawyer Phil called. 

After Phil was injured by a drunk driver, he realized that his actions did have consequences and that his drug abuse could impact other people’s lives in a big way, just like his life was impacted by his accident. That drunk driver hurt him, and Phil didn’t want to hurt anyone in a similar way. 

Thanks in part to his probation officer, Phil got the help he needed from substance abuse treatment classes and counseling programs. 

In time, he kicked his drug addiction, but he wanted to do more. Phil wanted to help other people get the help they needed to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. He decided to become a substance abuse counselor, and that’s what he does to this day.

Phil also has some advice for you.

What Phil Learned

“Even when it seems like there is no hope for a good future, even when you think you’ve screwed up your life so badly that things can never be repaired, there’s always a way to set your life right. 

“It may take time, but if you focus on one task or one goal at a time, you will be shocked at how far you can go. I was able to get sober and make a living helping others. I didn’t do it alone—people helped me. But you’d be surprised how many people are willing to help if you just reach out to them. I’m grateful to my probation officer, my friends, my lawyer, and many others.” 

Teasers for Next Week’s Share

If Phil can put his life back together and move in a positive direction, you can, too. Next week, I will be sharing Penny’s tale of finding her voice and speaking out against abuse. You are sure to find an inspiring story that just might change your life.

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