Penny Stands Up for Herself

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Welcome back to our site, dear readers! My name is Joe, and this post is about Penny, who graduated from the Franklin County Jail in 2001. You should know that Penny went to jail for petty theft when she was young. She shoplifted from a store more than once. She changed her ways and hasn’t spent any time in jail since 2001.

However, Penny contacted me to tell me what she has been going through since then. She wanted to share her story in the hopes that it could help other women who might be going through something similar. 

Penny’s Story of Abuse

Now, Penny’s story involves domestic violence abuse. She was living with a guy who was abusive toward her. She tried to get away from him, but like many domestic violence victims, the threats of physical harm kept her where she was. She was afraid to leave him for fear that he would kill her. Finally, the abuse got so bad she was hospitalized.

Penny realized that she was likely going to end up dead anyway if she stayed. While she was in the hospital, she learned about a Sacramento personal injury lawyer who took cases where people have been injured due to abuse. She was hopeful that a lawyer could help her get away from the man who was abusing her. 

The Happy Ending

The good news is that Penny was able to get away from her abuser. She was able to file a restraining order against her abuser, and she was able to use domestic violence resources to find somewhere to live until she was able to get back on her feet. 

The resources she found also helped her protect herself from abuse. She found the tools she needed to spot abuse in future before things got out of hand. She wants women everywhere to know that resources are out there and that you could use these resources to escape a violent end as well.

Teasers for Our Next Share

Thankfully, Penny’s story had a happy ending. I know that not all stories of domestic abuse end so well. Many domestic violence victims suffer for many years before getting help or they never manage to escape their abusers. Make sure that you look for resources in your area if you are suffering from abuse. Call for help if you are in danger.

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