Miguel Achieves the American Dream

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Hello friends! My name is Joe, and welcome back to the site. The post today is about our friend, Miguel, who graduated from the Franklin County Jail in 2003. Miguel was eager to share his story of how he achieved the American Dream.

Miguel’s Tale

So, Miguel was in jail for some drug-related charges, though he wasn’t a heavy addict. His family was big into drugs and so was his wife (for obvious reasons we won’t give her name). Now, Miguel realized a few things while in jail. 

One, he realized that being around drugs wasn’t worth the cost. Two, he realized that people can bring you down, even when they’re family members. Miguel’s wife was not helping him better his life, and her family was heavy into drugs as well. 

When he got out of jail, he asked his wife if they could leave the drug life behind. She wasn’t keen on the idea. She liked the money and excitement that it brought life. Miguel talked to a Rancho Cucamonga divorce attorney and decided to get a divorce. Since the divorce, his path has taken on an upward trajectory. 

Miguel went to trade school and eventually started his own construction company. His company has taken off, and he works hard to help others who may be in a bad place like he was. He will even allow former drug users on his crew, but only if they can prove to him they are on the right path. 

He helps drug users get clean by telling them where to find resources and encouraging them. Miguel is not currently friends with his ex-wife, but he is pleased that a few of his family members finally left the drug life behind. Not a bad tale from someone who once did time in the Franklin County Jail.

Teasing Next Week’s Tale

We are so glad that everything worked out for Miguel. Leaving family because they are a bad influence on you is not an easy thing to do. If you are in a similar situation to Miguel, know there are people and resources that can help you make big changes in your life.

Next week’s story comes from Daniel. He graduated from Franklin County Jail in 1994. He tells an interesting story of how the circus saved his life. Check back in with us for that delicious tale.

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