Daniel Is Saved by the Circus

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Hi there. This is Joe, and thank you for returning to my blog. Today, I have a special post to share about a friend named Daniel. Daniel graduated from Franklin County jail in 1994. Here’s his story.

Daniel’s Tale of Survival 

Daniel went to jail at the age of nineteen because he’d mixed up with the wrong crowd. He lived in an area heavily infested with gangs. It was almost impossible for a young boy to avoid getting involved in a gang when living in that neighborhood. The only way to escape the life of a gangster was to get away.

Well, after doing time in Franklin County Jail, he realized the only way he would get away from the gangster life was to flee. He knew that the day of his release from jail he had to get as far away from home as possible. He didn’t have a family with money who could pay for him to move or pay for him to go to college. He had to find another way.

We’ve all joked at least once about wanting to run away to the circus. A life of adventure and an escape from the monotony of an ordinary life! Sounds great. Well, Daniel got this idea from a Detroit defense attorney who was giving some personal injury advice to a fellow Franklin County resident. The attorney mentioned that he was going to the circus.

And just like that, Daniel had an idea. The circus could take him far away from the life he’d lived. It could get him away from gangs, trouble, and possibly death. Daniel knew that the circus could help him survive in this world without continuing to engage in criminal activity.

Daniel was able to find a path that didn’t lead back to jail or to the morgue. Daniel now loves his life in the circus. He sends some of his friends from Franklin County Jail tickets to the circus now and then. He’s never been in trouble since, and he has even managed to move up to tiger tamer.

Teasing Next Week’s Tale

I really hope you enjoyed Daniel’s story of survival. There’s always a way out if you look for it. Next week’s story comes from Phillip, the former shoplifter turned minimalist designer. You’re in for a real treat with this tale of transformation.

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