From Shoplifter to Minimalist Designer

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It’s so nice to have you here! My name is Joe, and this is my blog. I’m sharing a story from a good friend of mine, who was in Franklin County jail in the year 2000. My friend’s name is Phillip, and he was once a notorious shoplifter. He wasn’t just your average shoplifter who steals an item once and awhile. He was a serial shoplifter who never got caught . . . until he finally did.

Phillip’s Tale

Phillip was addicted to shopping. He was what you would call a shopaholic. He loved the feeling of a new object in his hands, and he loved that new object smell. If something was more than a few days old, he’d lost interest in it. It truly was an addiction and he couldn’t seem to stop himself from shopping.

The only problem was that Phillip didn’t have the money to buy new objects all the time, so he started to steal. His addiction got out of control and he would steal more and more and more. He got to the point where he realized he had a problem, but somehow, he still couldn’t stop himself.

Phillip had one of those trusting faces, so he never got caught when he would shoplift. He could turn your head with a smile so you never saw his sneaky fingers. The only reason he finally got caught was because he was in a truck accident. When police were helping him from his car, they found a bunch of stolen property.

Phillip confessed to the police in tears, telling them he didn’t want to steal anymore. He went to jail and he was finally able to change his ways.  

You Can Change Your Stars

Phillip’s time in jail showed him that you don’t need much to survive. Just a bed, a book, and some clean clothes. He was able to turn from a life of crime to a life of design. He began teaching classes on minimalist design, which is where you live with very few objects. 

There is beauty in open spaces. There is beauty in the clear surface of a coffee table. You don’t have to have a new object every day to be happy.

Teasing Next Week’s Tale

That was Phillip’s story. I hope it inspires you in some small way in your life. Next week, we have a tale that comes from Sarah the Injustice Slayer.

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