Sarah’s Fight Against Injustice

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My name is Joe, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Today’s story comes from Sarah, who was incarcerated and graduated from Franklin County jail in 1999. Sarah’s story is a little different from some of the others because she was wrongfully convicted of a crime. The time she spent in jail should never have happened.

While Sarah resents her time in jail because she was innocent of the crime she was convicted, she does believe all experiences are lessons. She learned of the injustices in this world and she wanted to fight back. Here’s her story.

Sarah’s Tale of a Wrongful Conviction

Sarah was living with a roommate in the year 1999. She and her roommate were on the outs, struggling to get along. The bitterness between them grew so strong that one day Sarah’s roommate did something evil—she called the police and accused Sarah of stealing.

The roommate had planned this for a long time and framed Sarah, putting jewelry in Sarah’s purse and completely setting her up. When police found Sarah, they located the jewelry inside her purse. Despite Sarah’s cries of innocence, she was taken to jail. She fought her charge with everything she had, but was found guilty. The jewelry was in her purse, after all.

Sarah went to jail for a crime she didn’t commit, and she swore to fight injustice in this world wherever it may be. She started with her own conviction. She finally managed to get her conviction overturned, but she’d already done her time. The damage was done. She made sure her roommate was punished for false accusations.

Sarah continues to fight against injustice on behalf of others. She even helped a woman in Florida obtain the MedPay benefits she was entitled to when the insurer was trying to deny her claim. Sarah sheds light on those who’ve been convicted of crimes and claim innocence. She works with agencies to see that the world is a better place for everyone.

Although Sarah learned the hard way, she believes the world can be a better place if enough people stand for what’s right.

Your Teaser for Next Week’s Inspirational Story

Injustice is always distressing, especially when people lose months or years of their lives in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. We’re glad that Sarah is fighting for justice for others.

Thank you for reading Sarah’s story. She’s a real inspiration to us all. Tune in next week for our next tale: A Tale of Two Michael Joneses. 

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